Setting up your own home distillery

Working with your own home distillery is not only fun but also turns you into myth of being an alchemist! :-)

Home distilleries can be bought starting with 200 Euros/250USD. I would advise to start with a similar setup that you can see in this description.

Home Distillery with aroma baske and clsoed cooling systemThe distillerie has 3L volume and on top an aroma basket. With the thermomenter on top you can measure the temperature of the steam. At the end you can see the cooler section that is a closed colling system with the water and the ice boxes in the water.

With this type of distillery you can make aromatic oil out of spices, fruits, herbs and of course you can distill your own liqueur, schnaps. or other spirits. You can also use it to distill beer, wine . Its a fantastic little world of experimenting and trail and error. Nothing is more relaxing as supervising the distilling process and do all the quality checks of the process.

The video below showing you how to set-up the littel home distillery system, starting the distilling of our cherriy liqueur. We have described the recipe in a previous post (How to create your own cherry liqueur).

In this video I have used an home made cherry to distill it to a clear Kirsch Schnaps, with this process no toxic forerun will be produced.

When you start making your own mash with i.e. fruits this adds a whole lot of complexity and you risking your healt as the forerun of the distillation process is toxic!

Please stay tuned i will describe this process into more detail soon.



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  1. Do you have a catalog or any information if yes please send it to address below also how much is the little still or where can I buy one?

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